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Want to book a site for the 2024
Hyde Park Festival?

This year we have a new booking management system, so it will require all vendors to sign up as a stall holder. Going forward in 2025 and beyond if you're a returning stall holder you won't need to do this.

How does it work?

Step One:

Click the link below and apply to be a stall holder. Fill in this application with as much detail as you can, don't worry you can go back and edit. Our event manager Abby will then get a notification you want to apply for a site. She will then approve you as a stall holder. 

Once this process is complete you will receive an email.

Step Two:

This is probably the most important step and it's important to note your booking is NOT confirmed until you do this! Payment needs to be made to confirm your site. Click the link in the email and finish your booking by selecting your site number and making payment. 



Every year we receive a huge number of applications and always sell out so we highly recommend applying early so you get your preferred site. However please note your application may be rejected this doesn't mean we don't want to have you, we do, but it might mean we have too many vendors offering the same thing you do and in the spirit of making sure everyone has a successful weekend we limit the amount of vendors selling the same product! 

How long will my application take to approve? All applications will be processed within 24hrs during the working week. If you apply on the weekend please wait until Monday at the latest.  

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully. We don't want anyone to be disappointed and the best festival is one where everyone is happy!

If you get stuck at any time during the process please give our team a call, if they don't answer straight away leave a message or flick us an email and we are happy to help. 

There are early bird discounts, to make the most of these we recommend applying ASAP. These discounts won't be honoured past the close off date. 

Want to share a site with another business? That's fine, please note that in the comment section of the application, so we know to categorise you correctly.

Want to cancel your site? Oh we will miss you. Please make sure you note our refund policy on the terms and conditions. All cancellations need to be emailed to

I always have the same site but it's not available! We are really sorry but our booking system works on a first come first serve basis. If you want to secure that site do so early. 

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