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  • Sophie Binning


Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Hyde Park Festival Celebrates 35 Years

For 35 years the Hyde Park Festival has been the crown jewel in the calendar for the Rotary Club of North Perth. A free community event that brings not just North Perth together, but the greater metropolitan area, for the benefit of local charities.

Rotarians that have been there since its inception, Bruno, Geoff and Mudji, have seen it grow into the event it is now. These organisers love seeing families enjoying the park year in and year out, with Mudji saying he finds it particularly special watching his own family grow from kids to adults, with his children now bringing their own children to Hyde Park to enjoy the festival every year.

The festival, originally Hyde Park Community Fair, has been a huge volunteer undertaking, that brings the Rotary spirit to life. Every year, volunteers, and Rotary clubs from across Perth come together to give the best possible weekend of community entertainment they can, all with a charitable benefactory in mind. Bruno says he’s incredibly proud of this.

Thinking back over the last 35 years years it's incredible to think my daughter when I first started was only a young child and is now a young women helping us in the Rotary barrister every year, Geoff says. It really is an incredible event which brings everyone together.

Each year, the Rotary Club of North Perth chooses a charity to support and donate the event’s proceeds to. SOS (Starting Over Support) and Path of Hope Foundation, to name a few, have benefitted from the over $100K raised since the 1980s. With the funds these charities receive from Hyde Park Festival and the Rotary Club of North Perth, they can help those most in need within the Perth community, including displaced families, and victims of domestic and family abuse.

While Hyde Park Festival is an amazing event filled with excitement, from live entertainment, amusements, shopping, and tasty food, it is so much more than that. It is also a passion project for the members of North Perth Rotary who have worked tirelessly over the past three decades. Hyde Park Festival is a major contributor to building community spirit, not just on the day, but over the 35 years, and through the community charities it helps support. We can’t wait to have you join us for our 35th year.

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